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The San Diego Association of Physicians of Indian Origin was formed to bring together physicians, dentists, scientists, and allied health practitioners of Indian heritage, residing in San Diego and the neighboring areas.

The association is organized for scientific, educational socio-cultural, and charitable purposes.


Established in 1997 by Dr. Manju Goel and Dr. Krishna Goyal, SAPI aims to support local communities and bridge access to medical care. To celebrate India's 50th Anniversary of Independence in 1997, SAPI held its first health fair, providing blood sugar, cholesterol, osteoporosis, and vision checks, and dental screenings. SAPI has blossomed into a trusted source of community for both physicians and allied health professionals and the greater Indian community by providing education, resources, and hosting social events.


What we strive to do here at the San Diego Association of Physicians of Indian Origin and Allied Health Professionals (SAPI) is to unite and to help health professionals of Indian origin here in the San Diego Metropolitan Area. We want to improve the health and livelihood of those who live here. As Indian Americans, we look and care for one another and help each other stride for the betterment of our communities for all people.

Our objectives are simple:

  1. To bring together physicians, dentists, and other health professionals of Indian heritage practicing in San Diego County and neighboring areas under one organization.

  2. The association is organized exclusively for scientific, educational, cultural, and charitable purposes.

  3. To support and foster the availability of medical assistance to indigent people.

  4. To provide mutual understanding and cooperation between this association and other associations in San Diego, USA, and India.

  5. To maintain a directory of physicians of Indian origin.

  6. To provide other member services as needed.

We look out for one another and we do so with the special sensitivity and commitment to the social and cultural needs of the Indian community.





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