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This event includes:

Event specials for attendees

This event includes:

  • An educational presentation
  • Complimentary dinner
  • Exclusive giveaway
  • Event specials for attendees
Discover our three NEW Spotlight tests and how they can help you quickly grow your clinical expertise and add value to your assessment.
  • In its inaugural year, SAPI organized a landmark health fair to commemorate India’s 50th Independence Anniversary, setting the stage for a legacy of community service and collaboration.

  • Over the years, SAPI has grown into a vital hub for education, support, and cultural exchange, fostering a sense of belonging and purpose among its members and the wider community.


Nurturing Wellness, Building Bridges: The Journey of SAPI

Bridging Cultures, Healing Communities: A Chronicle of Unity and Compassion

  • Founded in 1997 by Dr. Manju Goel and Dr. Krishna Goyal, SAPI emerged as a beacon of unity, bringing together healthcare professionals of Indian descent in San Diego and beyond.

Sparkling Celebrations: SAPI Diwali Gala 2023

Illuminating Unity, Festive Joy: A Glimpse of Our Vibrant Gathering

  • SAPI is dedicated to uniting healthcare professionals of Indian heritage in San Diego and neighboring regions, fostering a culture of collaboration and support.
About us

Empowering Health, Embracing Diversity: SAPI’s Mission

Championing Excellence in Healthcare: Our Commitment to Service

  • Through scientific, educational, and charitable initiatives, we strive to enhance access to quality healthcare while honoring the rich tapestry of Indian culture and tradition.
  • Our association serves as a dynamic platform for networking, learning, and advocacy, empowering members to make meaningful contributions to the health and well-being of our communities.
Radiating Vibrancy: SAPI’s Event Extravaganza

scientific, educational, socio-cultural, and charitable goals

Uniting Through Celebration: Embracing Diversity, Creating Memories

We look out for one another and we do so with the special sensitivity and commitment to the social and cultural needs of the Indian community.

Experience the Vibrancy: Your Community Hub for Engaging Events

Scientific & Educational Events
sociology-cultural Events

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Are you a healthcare professional of Indian heritage residing in San Diego or nearby areas? Join SAPI to connect with like-minded peers, access valuable resources, participate in educational events, and contribute to our mission of community service. Membership is open to physicians, dentists, scientists, allied health practitioners, and medical students. Experience the support and camaraderie of our dynamic community

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